Smartify your testing process with our cutting-edge in vitro solutions.

VieSmart, our in-house service, helps you reduce the time and costs of your product development while enhancing the biophysiological relevance of the testing conditions. You will be able to observe the effects of your substances on multidimensional human biology from several days to several months. Yes, you read it right: several months! Our tissue engineering techniques allow us to prolong the in vitro tissue/organ preservation and unravel the full efficacy scope of pharmaceutical, chemical, or cosmetic products.
The customers have the flexibility to choose between using their own cells or CompreVie-provided ones for the assays.

The MPS "VieSmart" service platform

is a full-thickness human-only microphysiological system (MPS) that models organs serving as interfaces to the external environment. The biological contents of this system can be mechanically stimulated or wounded while being kept in culture for several months, presenting a non-animal alternative for several skin-related tests such as:

- Transdermal drug delivery
- Skin irritation
- Corrosivity
- Cytotoxicity
- Phototoxicity
- Tissue regeneration
- Malignant invasive behaviour of substances

The flexible design of the system enables the organ equivalents to be analyzed in many different ways, broadening the spectrum of this platform's readouts.

comprevie service


• Long-term safety & efficacy testing (> 90 days)
• High biophysiological relevance
• Rich portfolio of assays
• Cruelty-free